Equirando 2012

Posted: 30-08-2012

Participation at the Equirando 2012 at the Haras du Pin

Trail 2012

Posted: 30-08-2012


Equitalyon 2012

Posted: 26-02-2013

We participated for the third consecutive year to the big show in Lyon with our three stallions with the ERMHC club

With us was Lorianne the president of the club and the belge representant Sandrine with their two mares.





various news 2012-2013

Posted: 26-02-2013

horses at work 2012 season!/media/set/?set=a.390026881029437.94431.100000663857317&type=3

Winter 2012-2013!/media/set/?set=a.503777276321063.117374.100000663857317&type=3

mares coming home beginning winter

Posted: 26-02-2013

trail August 2013-5 days

Posted: 25-10-2013

5 wonderfull days with great weather, lovely sceneries


Australians at our place!

Posted: 25-10-2013

Julia and Mike coming to our farm to learn and work with Mountain Horses from Australia!

travel to the KMSHA show in Kentucky

Posted: 25-10-2013

participating to the KMSHA show

Posted: 25-10-2013

find us FACEBOOK

Posted: 18-03-2014

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