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His name is a bit confusing. Indeed, the cradle of the race is not the Rocky Mountains, but the Appalachian mountains of the eastern United States, which ends in Kentucky. The founder of the breed standard  arrived in Kentucky in the late nineteenth century. Brought back by gold miners from Montana, the colt Old Tobe was exchanged against food to the family of Sam Tuttle. He was responsible for a park where many mares had lateral gaits. He crossed many times this little stallion who gave to his descendants his good character and unique color: taffy or chocolate with white main and tail.

Small horse , like all American-looking horses, the Rocky Mountain Horse is a confidential breed. Especially endangered with mechanization: While Americans do not eat horse, they started making dog food with the breed!

In 1986, a group decides to preserve the qualities of this horse. Since then, about 17,000 horses are registered  Rocky Mountain Horse.

In 1989, a splinter group founded the Association of Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, more open to cross. More horses then, but the origins can be controversial, especially in Europe ...

Then in 1994, is created the assocaition of the Mountain Pleasure Horse. Their stud book is totally closed upon creation, but it admits local-looking horses with less restriction on the size or color. Race very confidential, even in the cradle of race.

In 2000, the birth of a filly that can belong by birth in the three named above studbook Can we find better thus - born with a white patch on the rump (gift gene sabino). She'll be without papres! So opened the stud book of Spotted Mountain Horses  in 2001. Breed very recent, the subjects are crossbred, of course!

Born in 2010  the Club Européen de Rocky Mountain Horse European Rocky Mountain Horse club, recognized by the RMHA, to defend the qualities of these horses really different.




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