Stud book

The stud book of the mountain horses is rather special. Here are some explications. If you need more information send us an email.

The stud book of the Rocky Mountain Horse is complicated. It is like the LOF of dogs (in France) Only the American Association is habilated to deliver papers prooving the belonging to he breed. The document registering the foal is a temporary paper. 

The same thing for the Kentucky Mountain Horse and the Mountain Pleasure Horse. Only the American papers proove the belonging to the breed, temporarely untill certification (gold star apposed on the documen).

The name of the Rocky Mountain Horse is protected and any abusive use can be pursued (if you don't have the official papers from the American Association).


Mountain Horses

Rare and unknown horse, originated from the USA, the mountain horse is very comfortable thanks to his four beat gait called "tölt" in Europe but also saddlerack or simply gait in the USA. Bred for his gait but also his incredible caracter and the multitude of colors, the most known beeing the chocolate.

The Mountain horses have an exellent caracter, docile and complice, an elegant morphologie even they are hardy. The horse is registered at birth with genetic tests to proove parentage and the belonging to each breed thanks to a selection of genetic markers. The foal has temporary papers .


The principal caracteristic is the four beat gait used at the place of the trot. Genetic gait, it is guaranteed by the certification of the horse after two years old. The horse must show the gait with no pacing or other gaits during a sequence that lasts in total about twenty minutes ( you must show the conformation and also the gait for a few minutes). The horse is approved by three American judges. This certification is noted on the horses papers in the association he belongs to and his registration becomes definitive. He can then breed exept geldings of course. 


Rocky Mountain Horse, RMH

It is the breed that is the most known in Europe.

Besides the four beat gait of the horse, breeders look for the exeptionnal colors that the RMH offers.
Untill 2004 the book was half open. It was possible to register foals that were crossed with another breed, most of the time other gaited horses to guarantee the gait (TWH, KMSH, Paso fino...). The foal that was born would be "grade" for a filly and has to be gelded for a colt.One distinguished then half papers and full papers.Since 2004, the book is totally closed


RMH certified RMH not certified  grade RMH certificate


The breed is recognised but not managed by the "Haras nationaux", it is better to get information by the American Association


Mountain Pleasure Horse, MPH

Not many in Europe (6 in all).  The book is shut since the cretaion of the American association, wich gives few horses but a firm selection. All have full papers. The caracteristics are more or less the same, but they are less strict for height and color. This breed does not seem to be increasing for most of the horses are registered in the other stud books. The numerous paperwork and fees do that the breeders don't register the horses in all the stud books.


MPH certified,The pedigree is at the back



Kentucky Mountain Horses, KMH

Many horses.
The book was open untill 2004 and sometimes accepts any horse that gaits and has the caracteristics of th KMSH.One can so find horses in Europeathat have nothing to do with the real KMSH without US origines. 

The book is now half closed and you can (like grade mares in the RMH) have apendix mares wich can not give you a stallion.. Before 2004, there was no way of distinguishing the halk papers from the full papers. Now it is clearer.

KMSH not certified   KMSH certified


All of our horses are issued from old Kentucky stock exept Sweety.

People buying KMH must be carefull of there origines if they want a good horse..





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