You need to meet him to really appreciate what is said on him. Go in to a field where there is a herd of Rocky Mountain Horses and you will understand. Less gregarious than most horses, he looks for the compagny of the human, straight into your kitchen if you let him!

Generous, it will do anything to please and seduce you. It will be a complice of every day.
The Rocky is an animal of company. People say he has the carater of a puppy. Very affectious, sweet and devoted, it is a horse that is easy to handle.

The Rocky is also courageous and hardy despite beeing so elegant.

At first this little horse was bred to be a polyvalent farm horse in isolated farms of Kentucky.

Apt to work in the field, he was also trained to pull a carriage to take the farmers to mass on sundays or to carry riders long days in the mountains. He served for everything with Mr Tuttle, the foundator of the breed. He can also support hardy winters..

Adorable horse, you will fall in love of him and perhaps have one in your field!






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